From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

From Dead to Worse  - Charlaine Harris

Title: From Dead To Worse

Author: Charlaine Harris

ISBN: 978-0-441-01701-0

Pages: 303

Date Started: January 14, 2015

Date Finished: January 18, 2015


Everything seems to be falling apart for Sookie. Her boyfriend is missing and the last time she saw him, he was badly wounded. Her ex-lover finally remembers everything they did during the time of his memory-loss. Now he wants to discuss about it all with her, but she can't handle all that right now when all she wants is to hear from her boyfriend she can't find. To stir up the heat even more, there's the blood-bond they now share with the ex-lover and it doesn't make things easier for Sookie. To top even that Louisiana is being taken over by a new king-vampire and Sookie isn't sure if she has anything of value to the new regime.


Speaking of the new regime, the second in command is a pain in the butt and everyone wants him dead. I think even the king himself wants him dead. The guy is so annoying that it makes all of the book to be pretty annoying.


However, the most annoying thing in the whole book in my book is the way Quinn is acting towards Sookie. So what if Eric tricked Sookie to drink his blood at the summit in the previous book which resulted them to have the blood-bond? He was the lesser of two evils and Quinn, being supernatural and everything, should have understand that. I just think it's the most stupidest reason for Quinn to dump Sookie even though I definitely think them breaking up is the right thing to do, (because I want Sookie and Eric together). I just wish Harris would have been more creative with it.


Let's move on to the next one...