All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

All Together Dead  - Charlaine Harris

Title: All Together Dead

Author: Charlaine Harris

ISBN: 978-0-441-01581-8

Pages: 323

Date Started: January 11, 2015

Date Finished: January 13, 2015


I like it when all the vampires gather around in big numbers. Like, in this book they have this huge summit and all the vampires get together and have fun. It's almost like when humans have class reunions or any sort of convention.


There's always drama of course. Especially for Sookie. There are many of her boyfriends around: an ex-boyfriend, current boyfriend and one who wants to be the boyfriend. There's other telepaths, explosions and betrayal happening as well. Everything is very exciting!


Another good book in the series. Let's hope the next one is a good one as well!